We steal what we need and the rest we call love


Jordan Marie. 22. Buffalo.

Queer. Stranger. Off beat. Spacey.
Just another sad girl.

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1.) The girl practiced safe sex and used condoms. SMART. AS. FUCK.

2.) I’ve seen this reblogged with notes calling her a “whore” and a “skank”. Fuck that noise. Over half the girls on tumblr will, or have, sucked the dick of a guy they just met, only hung out with a few times, or barely know, and then stress because he hasn’t called them back or he’s treating them like shit. Meanwhile the same girls go to work at a minimum wage job where they don’t even make $920 in 3 months, much less a day. 

Good for this chick. She’s on her hustle and I ain’t mad at her. Make that money, girl!

you go girl

suck them dicks

achieve your dreams

are we going to ignore that these guys were willing to pay $460 just to have pleasure? i might not know a lot about how this business goes down but dayum she must have done a good job

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This is perfect.

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Sasha Grey by Gregg Segal

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I wanna dress up and take you to a nice restaurant, but I also wanna rub your clit under the table.

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They Took A Tabloid And Made It More Realistic. No Celebrities Included.

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couldn’t afford a table, please have some dip

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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


Sure is actually. I believe the term you’re interested in is GENDER EQUALITY.


Went through LITERALLY this exact conversation at school the other day.

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Eat it until she cums or don’t eat it at all.


there’s a prevalent attitude in media that any sexuality other than heterosexuality is more sexual and adult than heterosexuality, which is the norm, the default and “innocent”. It needs to stop immediately

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